Rvs4Survivors is now Rvs4TheClub
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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide stability and protection to former Sex Workers and at risk individuals to sex trafficking, in order to gain new skills and pursue alternative careers in their communities.


Welcome to Rvs4theClub, a sanctuary for those seeking change, justice, and a supportive community. I am Ashley, also known as Delta, and I have walked a challenging path in the adult entertainment industry for over a decade. Despite the allure, I yearned for a way out, yet encountered relentless social stigma and discrimination when seeking alternative paths. The journey was fraught with emotional turmoil and mental health battles as I grappled with societal judgment. But amidst the struggle, I found resilience and a determination to create a haven for others like me. Thus, in early 2023, Rvs4Survivors was born. We stand as a beacon of hope for individuals facing unwarranted hate and stigma for their past work in the sex industry. Recognizing that many enter this profession out of desperation, our mission is clear: to offer stability, protection, and opportunities for a brighter future. At Rvs4Survivors, we empower our members to break free from the chains of their past and forge new paths. Through supportive programs and resources, we help individuals transition into alternative careers and reclaim their autonomy. Join us in our quest for change and justice. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, free from judgment and prejudice. Welcome to our safe haven, where healing and transformation await.

5 Core Values

Program Outline: Empowering Former Sex Workers for Reintegration

Empowering Former Sex Workers for Reintegration

I. Initial Assessment and Support

  1. Health, Financial, and Essential Needs Establishment

  2. Legal and Identity Documentation

  3. Financial Literacy and Banking

  4. Childcare and Education

  5. Transportation

II. Skills Development and Education

  1. Identifying Contribution to Community

  2. Skills and Education Assessment

  3. Values and Morals

III. Purging Period

  1. Transition to Remote Environment

IV. Transition and Reintegration

  1. Review and Planning

  2. Empowerment and Autonomy

Overall Goal: Restore Autonomy and Confidence, Facilitate Reintegration into Society, and Empower Former Sex Workers to Forge New Paths in Life.