Rvs4Survivors is now Rvs4TheClub
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Donations are crucial for sustaining the work of Rvs4TheClub in fulfilling our mission. Our primary goal is to provide stability and protection to sex workers who aspire to transition out of the industry. Unfortunately, many individuals benefit from exploiting workers who lack adequate support or resources outside of their current profession.

The potential talents and opportunities lost within the sex industry due to these exploitative individuals are staggering. We are committed to breaking this cycle of exploitation and creating a fairer, safer, and more enjoyable industry for all involved. While we acknowledge that sex can be a source of pleasure and enjoyment, being coerced into activities against one's will strips away that fundamental aspect of fun.

At Rvs4TheClub, we strive to be the support system that sex workers need. Whether someone enters the industry voluntarily or under duress, we aim to provide comprehensive resources for their well-being and eventual transition. Alongside donations, solidarity within the sex industry is paramount. In an industry devoid of traditional retirement plans or financial safety nets, solidarity is our lifeline.

Rvs4TheClub is dedicated to ensuring that sex workers can have fun and move forward with dignity once they decide to leave the industry. There is no shame or guilt in seeking a better path, and every individual, regardless of their profession, deserves to have their rights protected. As sex workers, we have rights, and Rvs4TheClub is committed to empowering individuals within the industry by advocating for those rights and providing the necessary support to uphold them.